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Saber Marionette J

SMJ is the first of the "J" part of the saga.  "J" stands for Japoness, which is the country where most of the events take place.  It is run by the Shogun and his loyal assistant.  It is protected by two very deadly marionettes named Tomasaboro and Baiko.  These marionettes have no emotion and carry out orders to the letter.  Without emotion, they have no regard for the destruction they may cause others.

       the Shogun                   Tomasaboro                       Baiko

There is a young man in town that looks somewhat like the Shogun even though this young man is a secondary clone.  His name is Otaru, and he is constantly being harassed by a rich young man named Hanagata.  During one of his escapes from fighting with Hanagata's henchmen, Otaru falls in the river and finds the Japoness Historical Building.  He soon discovers a hidden secret...Lime.  She awakes and her childlike personality is almost immediately apparent.

Most of the people in town decide that she is "defective" because she doesn't act like a normal marionette.  A few people, especially Hanagata, even suggest destroying her.  Otaru begs them not to hurt her and later she saves Hanagata's little brother from a fire.

Otaru quickly finds out that a marionette like Lime is a lot of trouble.  One time Otaru, Lime, and Hanagata are hiding in the bathroom from Tomasaboro and Baiko.  This is when Otaru first sees Cherry sleeping.  He calls her "the goddess of the bathroom"  (I don't think Cherry ever finds out that he called her that).  She wakes up just in time to help Lime save the Shogun.  Cherry is very calculating, domestic, and very shy.  She is much different than Lime, but she too seems to have emotions.

A third marionette, Bloodberry, shows up during another fight.  She was hidden in a statue that Lime had noticed outside of the palace.  Bloodberry is very forward (which makes Cherry upset) and a forceful fighter.  She kisses Otaru on the cheek shortly after she meets him and then proposes.  Cherry gets extremely upset.  Otaru and Lime both ask what marriage is.  Bloodberry and Cherry fall over in disbelief.

The three marionettes constantly get Otaru in trouble and they continually argue over him. Otaru doesn't know why they decided he was their master or why he has to take care of three of them.  He finds out that they have "Maiden Circuits," which allow them to have emotion.  He slowly begins to love each of them deeply as the series progresses.

There is also another set of marionettes with emotions called the Saberdolls.  There are also three of them Tiegel, Luchs, and Panther (Tiger, Lynx, and Panther).  They each have their own personalities as well.  Bloodberry insults Panther during combat by asking if she came from the zoo, and Otaru quickly realizes that Luchs thinks like Cherry.
Luchs                   Tiegel               Panther

The Saberdolls' master is a man named Faust who is interested in conquering Terratoo and in something that may be even more important.  Faust is arrogant and treats his marionettes badly.  He also sends them to fight with Otaru's marionettes and has them do a lot of the dirty work that he won't even send his men to do.

Lorelei, a portrait to
remember the existence
of women.