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Saber Marionette J2

Saber Marionette J2 (or J Again) picks up where the TV series left off.  This time Otaru opens a restaurant and Cherry is the cook.  Bloodberry helps by cleaning and chopping wood.  Otaru catches fish.  Lime sleeps in a lot and then runs out to play.

Faust leaves in search of answers and sends his marionettes to learn from Otaru (Luchs tries to take full advantage of the situation at one point).  The only one who is happy with this situation is Lime, but then again, she is the only marionette who isn't afraid of mice (she actually likes them).  Tiegel's maiden circuit is still broken and Faust sends a letter to Lorelei to ask her to fix it.

Each set of marionettes get their personalities from parts of Lorelei, but their wills and desires are much stronger than hers.  Lorelei tries to commit suicide to atone for the deaths and sorrow that her plan to free herself caused.  Bloodberry says that she is embarrassed to be a part of someone who can't see their own self-worth.  Lime, Cherry, and Otaru give several reasons why Lorelei is important as a leader and as a person.  Otaru's marionettes also thank Lorelei for making them.  Luchs and Panther stand in the background and watch carefully.  Lorelei soon goes about the task of trying to fix Tiegel's maiden circuit.

Several objects disappear in town and the thief is termed the "wind kid."  Lime soon finds out that the thief is another marionette and immediately becomes friends with her.  Bloodberry immediately realizes that this marionette is the culprit and they return each stolen item to the owners.  Panther tries to attack the marionette, but Lime lies for her because the marionette "has a heart."

The new marionette starts off a little confused.  She has no name, only a serial number.  She also does not have a master.  She wants Lime to be her master, but Lime refuses.  As a result, Lime raises the marionette who clings to Lime as much as possible.  Lime wants to name her "Umio" (translates to Sea-man), but everyone hates the name except for the new marionette.  Panther suggests the name "Marine" which everyone agrees to.

According to Lorelei, Marine is going through puberty.  Otaru and all the marionettes went to see Lorelei because Marine is afraid of and dislikes men.  Marine is a fast learner and soon outgrows Lime's abilities.  She also learns to be a better cook than Cherry, but she hates the idea of fighting.  She does have a special skill which makes her a far better fighter than Bloodberry.  Soon everyone wonders why she can learn so fast and surpass each marionette in their greatest skills.  

Marine is defective in that her body carries a complete set of maiden circuits.  The maiden circuits will slowly tear apart as Marine matures.  No one knows how to fix this problem.  This secret is kept from Marine.  Marine does learn about her special powers and reawakens Tiegel.

All the marionettes eventually learn to work together when a new enemy appears.  Marine learns not to be scared of Otaru.  She later decides to follow her heart to know who her master is.  Faust strives to reason with the new threat, which focuses on attacking Marine.  Soon Faust has to turn his attention to more urgent matters...

A happy ending or a dream?

More pictures of Marine and the gang to come soon.