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This site is best viewed when maximized.  I'll try to include some other original artwork in with the pics.  Okay, it's been awhile since I have done anything with this page.  You will see some changes take place.  I will keep you updated whenever possible, and I'm glad to be working on this site again.

This is mainly about SMJ, SMJ Again, and SMJtoX.  This site is being updated, so look for the changes as they occur.  If you want to see something added, or to give feedback e-mail me, Marine. I've already added a page, and have some ideas for a few more.  I'll also add some banners and buttons soon.  Also check out The Otaku Cafe.  Yippee!

Saber Marionette J is one of my favorite anime series sets.  It is about marionettes (or something close to androids) that have the ability to feel human emotion.  It takes place on a planet called Terratoo.

People left the earth in order to colonize other planets.  One ship, the Mesopotamia, had an accident just above a life-sustaining planet.  There were only six survivors, and all of them were men.  They decided to clone themselves in order to survive on their new planet.  There are two types of clones:  pure clones, and secondary clones (which are not exact copies).  This eventually led to the creation of six countries ruled by pure clones (one for each of the crash survivors) and the creation of marionettes.  Marionettes were made to be part of the workforce and resembled women to remind men of what they had lost.  Most marionettes have no emotion and work all day.  One day a young man finds one that seems to have emotions like a regular person...

Characters are copyrights of Bandai.

Special thanks to Kenneth and Colette for helping me out.
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You can find Apple in the new Saber Marionette game.